Presentations at the Online International Workshop “Innovation in Education. EBSI4RO Connecting Romania through Blockchain”

The presentations at the workshop organized on February 23, 2022, can be followed in the video below.

Lluís Alfons Ariño Martin – CIO Rovira i Virgili University, Spain, Convenor Diplomas Use Case, European Blockchain Partnership (EBP):

Diploma Use Case and EBSI

Dr. Catalin Iapa – Authority for the Digitization of Romania:

Emerginng technologies projects at ADR Florin Dragan – Rector UPT:

The importance of the EBSI4RO projects for UPT

Dr. Cosmin Cioranu – Project Coordinator EBSI4RO, UEFISCDI:

The National Student Enrolment Registry and the university diplomas recognition at European level Radu Vasiu – Project Coordinator EBSI4RO, UPT:

Blockchain in Education. EBSI4RO: Connecting Romania through Blockchain Carmen Holotescu – EBSI4RO team, UPT:

EBSI4RO in the context of the new EU strategies in Education

Drd. Victor Holotescu – EBSI4RO team, UPT:

EBSI4RO in the EBSI Early Adopters Programme. Steps in implementing the system for issuing diplomas and micro-credentials on EBSI

Dr. Diana Andone – EBSI4RO team, UPT:

Open Digital Certificates

Event page:

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