Demonstrări ale cazului de utilizare a diplomelor EBSI

Our first scenario will be demonstrated soon, in which a diploma issued by Politehnica University of Timisoara will be verified by University of Lille.

Lluís Alfons Ariño Martin, CIO & Convenor Diplomas UC(EBSI) at the European Blockchain Partnership in a note on LinkedIn:

Today, at #EBP quarterly meeting, #netherlands and #spain successfully showcased real cross border interaction using the decentralized paradigm, verifiable credentials, and self sovereign identity provided by #EBSI and #ESSIF, and the source of trust provided by the #ledger

Willeke, from City of Amsterdam successfully applied to a Master degree offered by Universitat Rovira i Virgili using her Verifiable_ID, aligned to #eIDAS, #university and her Bachelor degree completed at Saxion University of Applied Sciences
All, in a decentralized way (avoiding profiling, preserving citizens identity) and fully empowering citizens with real ownership and control over their identities and data in an easy way thanks to ESSIF conformant wallets.